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2023 Athletic Camp Scholarship Recipients

The Sturgis Area Community Foundation (SACF) has proudly announced the recipients of its 2023 athletic camp scholarship awards. This annual program provides financial assistance to local students who want to attend summer athletic camps.

Through the generous support of charitable funds established by local individuals and families, the Foundation is able to offer scholarships to deserving students in grades 6-11. Applications are due each April and can be found on the Foundation's website at This is an incredible opportunity for young athletes in the area to gain new skills, make lifelong memories, and grow their passion for sports.

Top Row: Tyler Veasy, Ian Johnson, Gavan Miller, Reece Miller, Myah Burkey, Addison Eicher, Riley Eicher, Kaylee Draper, Cora Taylor. Bottom Row: Kenzie Eicher, Brooklyn Draper, Jada Okeke

Budd Munson Tennis Scholarship

Rylee Carver

Don Gage Memorial Scholarship

Tyler Veasy

Reece Miller

Cohen Hart

Elizabeth Peckham Memorial Scholarship

Gavan Miller

Ian Johnson

Phyllis E. Gray Sports Scholarship

Angela Cary

Cora Taylor

Brooklyn Draper

Myah Burkey

Sophia Luna

Kaylee Draper

Jada Okeke

Kenzie Eicher

Mya Eicher

Addison Eicher

Riley Eicher

Through philanthropic services, strategic investments, and community leadership, Sturgis Area Community Foundation helps people support the causes they care about, now and for generations to come. For more information on grants or donor services, email

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