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32nd Annual William & Helen Doyle/Exchange Club Community Service Awards Announced

The Sturgis Exchange Club is proud to announce the recipients of the 32nd annual William & Helen Doyle/Exchange Club Community Service Awards. These prestigious awards, funded by the William and Helen Doyle Fund, honor charitable and educational programs that significantly benefit the Sturgis community. Since its inception in 1991, the Fund has provided over $135,000 in grants to more than 83 deserving programs.

This year's award recipients are Rooted of St. Joseph County, Sturgis High School, and Amigo Centre. Their hard work and dedication to improving the Sturgis community have earned them this well-deserved recognition. Congratulations to all the recipients for their outstanding work in our community!

Sturgis Exchange Club Awards
Julie Andrews (Exchange Club President), Tiffany Wagler (Director ofRooted of St. Joseph County), Lindsay Aguilar (SACF Executive Director), Olivia Feyes (SHS Graduate and Lady Trojans Program Founder)

Meet the Recipients

Rooted of St. Joseph County

$3,000 - Kitchen Appliances for the Rooted Safe House

Rooted of St. Joseph County, Inc. has been awarded a William & Helen Doyle Fund grant to support their Rooted Safe House project. This funding will specifically go towards equipping the Safe House with essential kitchen appliances, including a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, coffee maker, microwave, and toaster. The Rooted Safe House aims to provide a nurturing environment for children facing traumatic transitions, offering them a temporary home to receive meals, hygiene care, and emotional support. With only 28 foster families available in a county of over 60,000 people, the safe house fills a critical gap by offering a stable, home-like setting during uncertain times.

To learn more about Rooted of St. Joseph County and the Rooted Safe House project, visit

Amigo Centre

$2,000 - Autism Day Camp

The Amigo Centre, Sturgis, focuses on establishing itself as a haven where all people can encounter and connect with nature, community, and God. Outdoor activity is influential in children's lives, particularly for kids with autism and other neurodivergent diagnoses.

This program, held annually alongside the traditional day camp, focuses on providing a supportive and accessible environment for 5-7 children aged 6-13 who are autistic. The grant will enable Amigo Centre to offer full-day camp experiences, complete with trained one-on-one counselors who are often special education teachers or Intermediate School District staff. Partnering closely with the Intermediate School District of St. Joseph County, Amigo Centre identifies campers who would benefit most from this enriching experience, some of whom return year after year. The camp aims to break down barriers by offering these services at no cost to families, ensuring that all children, regardless of neurodiversity, can enjoy a transformative and liberating experience in nature.

Sturgis High School

$900 - Lady Trojans

The Lady Trojans program at Sturgis High School, established by a dedicated high school senior, Olivia Feyes, recently received a significant grant to support its mission. This innovative program seeks to provide feminine hygiene products in the female restrooms at the high school, addressing a critical need within the student community. Research highlights that 1 in 5 girls in the United States have missed school due to a lack of access to menstrual products, making this initiative not only timely but essential. With funding from the William & Helen Doyle Fund, the Lady Trojans program will be able to ensure that no student at SHS has to miss out on their education because of menstrual hygiene challenges, promoting both health and academic success among female students.


The Sturgis Area Community Foundation is a $30M foundation committed to serving the charitable needs of our community and enriching the quality of life for all people in the Sturgis area. Through philanthropic services, strategic investments, and community leadership, the Sturgis Area Community Foundation helps people support the causes they care about now and for generations.

For more information on grants or donor services, email

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