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John Oster Award Nominations Accepted Until March 14

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Sturgis Area Community Foundation is now accepting nominations for the 2022 John E. Oster Memorial Award. The annual award is made possible by the John E. Oster Memorial Fund, and commemorates the life of John E. Oster, a Sturgis attorney, who placed high value on both education and community service. This will be the 40th award given annually since the 1981-1982 school year.

Awards are presented annually to “a teacher in the Sturgis Public School District who exemplifies high professional standards for teacher training and education, extraordinary devotion to the Sturgis community and the position of teacher, and whose efforts, training and skills have reflected upon the value of education to the teacher’s students and the quality of education in the Sturgis school system.”

Previous winners of the award include Tracie Pueschel, Michael Spahr, Murlyn Myers, Willodean Beckwith, Wendell Moyer, Harley Pierce, Martha Cherrington, Jean Casault, Priscilla Hoopingarner, Geneen Morrisson, Arne Switalski, Diane Oxender, Kay Frew, Jane Wright, Kathleen Caywood, Bonnie Mort, Mary Jane Norton, Terri Fraylick, Dianne Gorsuch, Julie Ellis, Marcia Pustelnik, Mary Haylett, Lori Meek, Lynn Brand, Bobbye Nusbaum, Kathy Lindeman, Gail Bender, Emerson Green, Patty Rutenbar, Deb Baker, Mel DeYoung, Ann Happel, Stephanie Harker Schau. Cindy Sprowl, Kim Annis, Carol Brooks, Eliot Gitelman, Patty Davidson, Ellen Eisele, and Laura Penner. Members of the Sturgis community are invited to submit nominations. Nomination forms can be submitted online at Nominations are due by Monday, March 14.

Questions? Email or call the SACF office at (269) 659-8508.

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