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Madison Pueschel named 2021 Harold and Catherine Young Memorial Scholar

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Sturgis High School graduate Madison Pueschel will receive this year's Harold and Catherine Young Memorial Scholarship. Madison is a freshman student majoring in Education at Defiance College where she plays Women's Basketball and travel softball. She graduated from Sturgis High School in 2020.

About the Scholarship

The Harold and Catherine Young Memorial Scholarship was originally established in honor of Harold W. Young in 1998. Mr. Young is recognized for his many contributions to the Sturgis community in church affairs, education, and business. Created by his children, all of whom are teachers, this scholarship is given annually to a Sturgis High School graduate. Candidates for the scholarship must be pursuing a degree in education.

About Harold and Catherine Young

Born and raised in Sturgis, Harold Young was a graduate of Sturgis High School where he excelled in science, baseball and tennis. A life-long member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Harold was a member of the church Board of Elders, the Building Committee and an usher.

During the years from 1950 to 1961 Mr. Young was an active member of the Sturgis High School Board of Education. He was involved in the inception and implementation of the Sturgis Building Trades Program that has taught scores of Sturgis High School students the fine craft of carpentry. Mr. Young himself was a highly skilled carpenter.

His career in business began with his first job as a high school student in the shipping room of Sturgis Business Forms. He rose through various positions to become general manager of the Sturgis operations. Mr. Young later managed the operations in Whitewater Wisconsin. It was Mr. Young’s devotion to his community’s citizens that is the spirit of this merit scholarship. He was steadfast in his belief in the dignity and worth of the teacher whose very role is central to the enhancement of life for any community.

Harold's wife Catherine passed away in March of 2011at the age of 98. At that time, the family added her name to the Fund. Catherine worked for several companies in Sturgis until her retirement. She had a deep concern for the welfare of others which led to a lifetime involvement in civic and church affairs, and in education. She and Harold were very proud that all of their children and grandchildren earned college degrees. This scholarship is a legacy in memory of Harold and Catherine for Sturgis High School students pursuing a degree in education.

As a leader and resource for local philanthropy, the Sturgis Area Community Foundation works closely with donors and charitable agencies every year to fuel positive change where we live. Our grantmaking framework is the vehicle that provides funding for scholarships and charitable programs that create impact. These investments are powered by the generosity of donors who have entrusted the Foundation to meet our community’s needs. If you have questions about our specific programs, or would like to know more about our work, please contact our office at

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