Position Opening: Executive Director, Sturgis Area Community Foundation

The Sturgis Area Community Foundation is seeking qualified candidates for its Executive Director position. Qualified candidates should send a letter of introduction and resume to sacf@sturgisfoundation.org or to 310 N. Franks Ave., Sturgis, MI 49091

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Position Opening: Executive Director/CEO

About the Sturgis Area Community Foundation

The Sturgis Area Community Foundation (SACF) is a $30M foundation located in Sturgis, Michigan. SACF works to make a positive, lasting impact in local communities through charitable giving, leadership, and action. We are dedicated to addressing our communities’ most challenging issues and providing hope for the future. By bringing together the passion of community members and the generosity of philanthropic partners, we work to be a center for progress and a catalyst for change. We partner with nonprofits, community stakeholders and donors to cultivate thriving and collaborative communities, celebrate diverse perspective, and create clear paths to economic security and well-being for all.

For more information, view our 2021-2022 annual report or visit our website at www.sturgisfoundation.org.

Executive Director/CEO Job Description

Position Summary

The Executive Director serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, reporting to the Board of Trustees (Board). As CEO, the Executive Director is responsible for the overall management of the Foundation, responsibly grow its assets, assure financial integrity, and move the organization forward to achieve its mission.

The Executive Director organizes and leads the strategic direction of the Sturgis Area Community Foundation (SACF). The Executive Director is a team builder who recognizes the value of attracting and retaining excellent staff and readily utilizes them in meaningful assignments to achieve the organization’s goals. The Executive Director will always manage staff with the goal of providing outstanding service to donors and creating a philanthropic experience for donors that encourages their continued participation.

The Executive Director understands that the SACF is an entity intended to exist in perpetuity and, accordingly, will diligently and prudently oversee the SACF’s assets in a manner that will assure its ability to fulfill its mission forever. The Executive Director is the SACF’s leadership face in the community and its primary spokesperson. As such the Executive Director will exemplify the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity and an unflagging commitment to the advancement of philanthropy throughout the community served.

Key Areas of Responsibility


· Serve as a strategic thinker and creative visionary leader of the SACF with the ability to turn vision into action.

· Lead efforts to create new alliances, partnerships and collaborations with other organizations and maintain positive existing relationships to help the SACF achieve its mission.

Endowment Development and Donor Relations

· Direct the SACF’s marketing and endowment development activities, including cultivation of individuals, families, and corporations and the building of relationships with professional advisors and other nonprofit organizations.

· Educate prospective donors, including individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations about the SACF’s services and programs.

· Oversee the maintenance and cultivation of relationships with existing donors and grantors.


· Oversee the day-to-day operations of the SACF

· Manage the hiring, training, and supervision of staff, including annual assessments of performance.

· Promote enthusiasm and capacity among the SACF staff by ensuring appropriate compensation, resources, and professional development opportunities.

Fiduciary Responsibility

· Assure that policies and procedures are in place and followed that fulfill the SACF’s fiduciary responsibilities to donors and the community.

· With the Board Finance Committee manage the financial assets of the organization and recommend fee and disbursement practices with a prudent balance between return and risk to assure sustainability of the endowment base.

· Oversee the preparation of the annual operating budget and manage compliance with the budget.

· Assure compliance with federal and state law and with generally accepted accounting standards that apply.

Board Relations

· Organize and lead the board to develop and implement current and long-term strategies and goals; regularly report to the board on the status toward achieving its goals.

· Provide and interpret timely and accurate information to assist the board in setting policy and making decisions. Provide guidance and recommendations to the Board with respect to policies and procedures; activities the SACF may want to be involved in; and investigate projects the SACF may want to support or fund.

· Assure timely preparation and distribution of essential board meeting reports, updates and organizational activity summaries.

· Provide for development, implementation and regular review of policies, programs and procedures by the board to assure growth of the SACF, its responsiveness to current needs and expectations, regard for donors’ expressed wishes, and compliance with applicable law.

· Encourage and support active board committees.


· Supervise the SACF’s grantmaking programs with the goal of meeting both donor intent and community needs.

· Maintain strong relationships with nonprofit, public and private sector organizations, grant-makers, community leaders, public officials and others, as necessary, to further the SACF’s goals and to identify and address community needs.

· Actively seek partnership opportunities for funding specific community initiatives.

Community Relations

· Serve as the primary staff representative and spokesperson of the SACF in the community in a professional and articulate manner.

· Actively seek opportunities to speak about and promote the SACF. Cultivate and maintain a good working relationship with local media outlets as well as oversee SACF social media platforms.

Desired Qualifications

· Knowledge and understanding of philanthropy in general and of the needs of the Sturgis area both as a stand-alone organization and in partnership with others.

· Positive personal attributes, including: self-motivation, high energy, strong work ethic, uncompromised professional integrity, and a dedication to excellence for themselves, their team and the organization.

· Demonstrated experience and success in donor development to include building relationships with individuals, businesses, professional advisors, civic leaders and the community at large.

· Demonstrated grant management experience.

· Experience in organizational and financial management, including: budget planning and administration; financial asset evaluation and management, strategic planning, policy development, risk management, and goal setting and attainment.

· Excellent managerial and team-building skills, including the ability to attract, develop, motivate, and retain talented staff.

· Excellent written and oral communication skills, including experience and comfort in public speaking and media relations.

· Demonstrated ability to work within a volunteer board-directed organizational structure.

· Education: bachelor’s degree; master’s degree a plus. Nonprofit management experience a plus.


Sturgis Area Community Foundation offers benefits and salary commensurate with experience. Benefits include retirement contributions, holidays, and paid time off.

Sturgis Area Community Foundation is an equal opportunity employer.

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