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Scholarship Spotlight: Olin Lepard/Robert Lewis Memorial Fund

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The Lepard/Lewis Scholarship fund was established in 1996. Dr. Robert Lewis and his partners at the Doctor’s Office started the Olin Lepard Memorial Fund to honor Dr. Lepard’s commitment to the community in general and in all areas of health and education, as well as to recognize the high amount of respect he was accorded by so many people in the area.

Upon the death of Dr. Lewis, the partners wanted to also honor his memory by renaming the fund the Olin Lepard/Robert Lewis Memorial Fund. Both Dr. Lewis and Dr. Lepard exemplified the very finest qualities in their professional life; dedicated to their patients and beloved in return.

The Scholarship is an annual award presented to Sturgis area students who are either attending medical school or studying to become nurse practitioners or physician assistants. The hope is that the scholarship will be an incentive for students to return to practice medicine in Sturgis.

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