Sturgis Area Community Foundation Awards $110,350 in Scholarships to Area Students

STURGIS, MICH., May 19, 2020— The Sturgis Area Community Foundation is excited to share the names of 2020 scholarship recipients. This year more than $110,000 was awarded to students throughout St. Joseph County in educational scholarship awards. Since 1999, the Foundation has returned more than $1,000,000 to local students through its scholarships program which consists of awards from more than 40 separate scholarship funds.

“Like many others, we were unable to host our traditional scholarship reception this year. Nonetheless, we are exceptionally proud of this year’s scholars and incredibly grateful for the many donors who make these awards possible,” says Lindsay Richardson, Executive Director of Sturgis Area Community Foundation. “Our 2020 scholars represent students from seven local communities, with diverse aspirations including plans for two-year colleges, four-year colleges, trades programs and graduate school.”

2019 Scholarship Awards

Sturgis Area Community Foundation Scholarships in Memory of Helen Augspurger

Ariana Valdez

Elle Bowman

Michaela Swinsick

Sturgis Area Community Foundation Scholarships in Memory of Ruth Butz

Abigail Schwartz

Clare Mayes

Joanna Erwin

Madelynn Thompson

Royal Carter

Constantine School Endowment Fund Scholarships

Brett Wyant

Caleb Wisel

Dianna Bingaman

Kimberlee Carper

Sydney Balcom

Trey Salisbury

Cornelius John Geimer Scholarship

Avery Wheeler

Daniel C. Pursley and Karen E. Pursley Memorial Scholarship

Kaitlyn Markus

Dave Locey Memorial Scholarship

Royal Carter

Delores Schenk Scholarship

Ángela Duran

David Steele

Elizabeth Peckham Memorial Scholarship

Rachel Toner

Evelyn H. and Florence M. Schwenk Scholarship

Alexander Heckman

Frank and Ethel Kime Bogen Scholarship

Alexis Pueschel

Elle Bowman

Kaitlyn Neal

Melissa Garcia

Moriah Steele

Nicolette Nelson

Hackman Family Trinity Lutheran School Scholarship

Alexis Pueschel

Harley and Eva Pierce Memorial Scholarship

Hope Ogg

Harold and Catherine Young Memorial Scholarship

Rachel Toner

Sturgis Area Community Foundation Awards in Memory of Carla Raw Humphries

Andrea Bell

Cheyenne Campbell

Dianna Bingaman

Hunter Bacheller

Rachel Frye

Jack Deller Scholarship Fund

Logyn Miller

James and Jeannie Gerchow Scholarship

Avery Wheeler

Jane and Wesley Hubbard Scholarship

Abigail Saltzman

Alexander Roehrig

ariana valdez

David Steele

Julia Johnson

Julia LaLone

Kaitlyn Neal

Kiley PeDue

John E. Brand Memorial Scholarship

Dillan Ware

Laura Schaeffer Bucknell Scholarship

Avery Wheeler

Paige Pattison

Olin Lepard/Robert Lewis Memorial Scholarship

Moriah Steele

Lillian M. Anway Scholarship

Sara Lewis

Lucy Gallup Fund Scholarship

Brianna Wheeler

Haley Kuhnle

Josue Gonzalez

Margaret “Peg” Cherrington Memorial Scholarship

Rachel Webb

Margaret Adams Scholarship Fund

Kiley PeDue

Sturgis Area Community Foundation Scholarships in Memory of Albert and Ines Pennell

Kaitlyn Neal

Logyn Miller

Victoria Gage

Pythian Sisters Pocahontas Temple No. 121 Scholarship

Austin Stoll

Ralph and Marie McCarthy Memorial Scholarship

Moriah Steele

Sturgis Area Community Foundation Scholarships in Memory of Herman and Anna Rice

Alexander Roehrig

Bailee May

Cheyenne Campbell

Ethan Pattison

Tyler Lewis

Robert Hackman Memorial Scholarship

Emily Johnson