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Grants to fuel your mission.

SACF is committed to making a positive, lasting impact on quality of life in the communities we serve. Our grant programs support a broad range of programs and projects including, but not limited to, arts and culture, community and economic development, education, health, human services, housing, seniors, and youth.

Basic Eligibility:

There are some specific eligibility rules to keep in mind before you consider applying for a grant:


  • The Foundation will only make grants to federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations, government entities, school districts, and universities.

  • While grants to religious organizations are considered, sectarian religious programs are not eligible.

  • We do not make grants to individuals, or grants to cover deficits or other previously incurred obligations.

  • We will only grant to entities that have submitted all final reports that are due to the Foundation on previous grants they have received from us. 

  • Grants must serve residents of the communities in St. Joseph County, Mich. 

All submissions are subject to the process, procedures, and rules of the Sturgis Area Community Foundation.  Upon review by the SACF Grant Review Committee, additional information may be requested for clarification.

Open grant opportunities and sample applications are always available in our grants portal at


If you have questions about grants, please contact us at or 269.659.8508.

Grant Applications

Grant Applications Calendar

Teacher Mini-Grants

Applications for teachers and staff of Sturgis Public Schools are now Open!

Deadline: October 18th

Recent Grants

Thurston Woods Village

Engaging in the Meaningful Present

Social isolation amongst seniors is a dangerous reality that affects many older adults in senior living communities. The feeling of limited freedom can lead to depression or isolation in nearly 40% of residents, making this a concerning mental health epidemic. Fortunately, the introduction of shared virtual reality (VR) for seniors at Thurston Woods Village offers a creative solution to address these issues. This specific VR program allows seniors to Relive, Reinspire, and Reconnect. It is especially powerful for older adults who may be experiencing cognitive decline, impaired vision, or mobility issues. Through this innovative technology, seniors can explore the world, experience things they may no longer have the physical ability to do, and interact with family and friends. Supported by funding from the Sturgis Area Community Foundation, Thurston Woods Village is excited to provide residents with the opportunity to embark on these exciting virtual journeys.


Recent Grant

Doyle Community Center

MMA Floor Renovations

At the Doyle Community Center, they believe that everyone deserves a safe and welcoming place for recreational activities and fitness. With over a decade under its belt, the MMA class has become a staple of the center. The program is diverse, welcoming everyone from teenagers to retirees, competitive fighters, and those simply seeking something different for their workout. While the program has achieved immense success and gained tremendous support, the current state of the training room floor requires improvement. Without it, the space hinders the program's growth and endangers members' health and safety. The Sturgis Area Community Foundation has granted the Doyle Center the funds needed to renovate the space to meet modern standards and keep the MMA program thriving. With these changes, the center can continue to offer a safe and enjoyable space for residents in the Sturgis area.


Recent Grant

City of Sturgis DDA

Bringing Communities Together in Downtown Sturgis

The City of Sturgis Downtown Development Authority is focused on enriching the cultural and commercial aspects of downtown Sturgis. Its mission is to bring communities together, providing an inclusive gathering place where all residents of diverse backgrounds and ages can come together. The Sturgis Area Community Foundation has awarded the DDA with a grant to support two main events: “Art Around Town 2023” and “Movies on North”. “Art Around Town 2023” aims to display the best of local artists' 2D medium pieces throughout downtown Sturgis. These pieces will be carefully chosen and blown up, turning the area into an outdoor art gallery. Meanwhile, “Movies on North” offers a monthly free movie showing on a big-screen truck for everyone to enjoy - a perfect opportunity to bring family and friends together while soaking up some cinematic entertainment. These events are testimony of the City of Sturgis Downtown Development Authority's dedication to enhancing the city's vibrancy in a creative and inclusive way.


Recent Grant

Youth For Christ of Southwest Michigan

Youth Center Renovations

Youth For Christ (YFC) of Southwest Michigan has been a safe haven for local youth in the Sturgis area communities since 1986. With their Campus Life programs, they have successfully reached over 900 teenagers in the last year alone, and their attendance continues to grow. YFC is always on the lookout for opportunities to expand and renovate the Youth Center to better serve students. Recently, the Sturgis Area Community Foundation has generously supported their latest project, which includes the installation of a new single-use bathroom that is handicap accessible. This new addition is crucial for YFC to accommodate every student attending Campus Life activities. By building relationships with these students at pivotal moments, YFC is making a positive impact on the lives of local youth.


Recent Grant

CASA of Southwest Michigan

Advocacy for Children in St. Joseph County

The Court Appointed Special Advocacy (CASA) program of Southwest Michigan is a vital resource for abused and neglected children who are looking for a way out of foster care and into a safe, permanent home. With volunteers at CASA, the program is able to provide the court with solid recommendations about where the children they represent should live permanently. This involves careful communication and coordination with multiple parties, including foster and biological parents, CPS caseworkers, and court-appointed attorneys. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made identifying cases of child abuse more challenging, resulting in increased numbers of children needing the support of the CASA program. Fortunately, Sturgis Area Community Foundation is here to lend a hand, supporting CASA's internal needs and helping to fund the training requirements as the program seeks to help more children in need.


Recent Grant

Watershed Voice

Community News Coalition

Local news coverage has steadily declined over the years, leaving communities uninformed and underserved about important issues affecting their daily lives. As a result, many neighborhoods, rural areas, and issue-based communities have become news deserts. Watershed Voice aims to change this by providing credible and reliable local news and cultural coverage to communities across Southwest Michigan. Thanks to the support from the Sturgis Area Community Foundation, Watershed Voice is able to expand its staff and uphold its values of substantive reporting, quality over quantity, equity, and community. By continuing to prioritize these values, Watershed Voice is filling a much-needed gap in local news coverage and ensuring that these communities have access to the information they need to be active members of their community.


Recent Grant


Supports youth-related programs and projects in the Constantine area.

One competitive grant cycle per year by application only.

March 1


Supports youth-related programs and projects in the Sturgis area.

Two competitive grant cycles per year (spring and fall) by application only.

March 1


Supports charitable and educational programs in the Sturgis area.

One competitive grant cycle per year by application only.

May 1


Supports youth-related programs and projects in the Sturgis area.

Two competitive grant cycles per year (spring and fall) by application only.

November 1


Support for programs focusing on healthy lifestyle choices and activities for youth and seniors.

One competitive grant cycle per year by application only.

October 1


Provides student teaching grant awards to education majors fulfilling their student teaching requirement.

One competitive grant cycle per year by application only. Applications may be accepted at other times of the year-please call the Foundation for information on possible additional dates.

December 1


Supports charitable and educational programs in the Sturgis area.

Review of completed applications is at the discretion of the Fund's Advisory Committee.



Supports the mission of the Community Foundation — to make a positive, lasting impact on the quality of life in local communities throughout St. Joseph County, Michigan. Community Impact Grant applications are designated for requests of more than $5,000. For requests less than $5,000, see our Micro-Grants application.

Four competitive grant cycles per year. Grant committees review requests for proposals quarterly.



SACF Micro-Grants are perfect for smaller organizations or projects seeking funding of $5,000 or less. Historically, funds support requests for initiatives that directly benefit residents of the Sturgis area and surrounding communities in St. Joseph County, Michigan.

Micro-Grants may be funded at any time throughout the year based on the giving interests of the fund holders or available grant dollars.



Support areas include Animal Care, Arts and Culture, Community Well-Being, Health and Recreation, Scholarship Funds, Youth, Education, and Leadership, and designated funds support for specific non-profit organizations.

SACF holds over 100 funds serving many areas of charitable interest. If you are a qualified organization with a charitable need not met by any of the listed grant opportunities please call us for other grant possibilities.


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