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A Closer Look at the White Pigeon Area Community Foundation

Updated: Feb 26

The White Pigeon Area Community Foundation (WPACF) is a geographic affiliate of the Sturgis Area Community Foundation, dedicated to fostering community development and enrichment within the White Pigeon area. By offering a range of grants, scholarships, and donor services, the foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting educational endeavors, community projects, and local nonprofits. Its affiliation with the Sturgis Area Community Foundation leverages a network of resources and knowledge to maximize its impact on the community. The relationship not only strengthens its capacity to serve the local population but also underscores the foundation's commitment to promoting philanthropy and volunteerism as a means to enhance the quality of life for all residents.


Years serving the community of White Pigeon


Grants made to local nonprofits and organizations


Total funds given to community projects and programs

First WPACF Advisory Committee (seated left to right): Charles DiGiovanni, Diana Roskuski. Standing left to right: Sally Vellenga, Susan Cline, Mary Airgood, Marv Schneider, and Julia Edds

A Message from WPACF President,

Eric Jones


WPACF Advisory Board Members

Eric Jones, President

Michelle Bush

Bobette Melchi

"I grew up in White Pigeon and graduated from White Pigeon High School so it is an honor for me to serve on the White Pigeon Area Community Foundation Advisory Board. We have committed board members so I look forward to accomplishing good things for the White Pigeon community and surrounding area." - Bobette Melchi

Barb Niblock

Marvin Schneider

Sally Vellenga

"For me, working with the WPACF has been interesting and eye opeing to the needs of my community. It is wonderful to think we have ways to make a difference to people here in White Pigeon." - Sally Vellenga

Shelly McBride

Jackie Krull

Welcome New Advisors

The WPACF is able to grow because of the dedicated leadership of many community citizens. We are pleased to welcome Shelly McBride & Jackie Krull to the Advisory Board.

Shelly McBride

Shelly is a proud lifelong resident of White Pigeon and a 1997 graduate. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan and a Master of Arts in Education Leadership from Western Michigan University. Shelly has stayed local to St. Joseph County throughout her career in education, starting as a physical education teacher in Centreville and then serving as Principal at Central Elementary in White Pigeon. Since 2022, Shelly has continued to serve White Pigeon Community Schools as superintendent. She is excited to serve as a new board member of the WPACF and give back in a new way to a community that has given so much to her and her family.

Jackie Krull

Jackie Krull, a White Pigeon native, graduated from White Pigeon Schools and Davenport Business College. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has three children. Jackie is known as "MiMi" to her grandson, Beau. Jackie has volunteered in classrooms, served on the Parks and Recreation Board, started Little League, and participated in the Boosters Club. She enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking, lake life, and playing pickleball. She also volunteers at Riverside Church in Three Rivers. Jackie is excited to be part of the White Pigeon Area Community Advisory Board and looks forward to promoting growth and development in the community.


The WPACF Grants Program

White Pigeon Library Summer Time Tunes event supported by the Fund for White Pigeon

The White Pigeon Area Community Foundation (WPACF) serves as a cornerstone for philanthropy in the White Pigeon community, with a mission to support organizations that deliver positive change. With a deep-rooted commitment to the welfare and development of White Pigeon, the foundation is dedicated to collaborating with the right individuals and partners, ensuring the community's well-being for generations to come. Leveraging the Fund for White Pigeon, alongside other unrestricted and donor-advised funds, the Foundation is adept at bolstering local for-impact organizations. These groups are integral to the support network for those who live, work, and enjoy White Pigeon, addressing a spectrum of needs from basic services to cultural enrichment. By facilitating the creation and support of various charitable funds, It encourages community engagement, enabling donors to contribute to the betterment of White Pigeon through a diverse range of interests and initiatives.

Click the link below to learn more about grants offered through the White Pigeon Area Community Foundation.


What's New

The White Pigeon Township Library Bookmobile Project represents an ambitious and heartening initiative to expand access to library services throughout the community. Currently making significant progress towards its fundraising goal of $279,000, this project epitomizes the library's commitment to literacy and education beyond its physical walls. This innovative vehicle will make regular stops within the White Pigeon area, offering an array of materials and services, including Wi-Fi and printing and scanning capabilities. Currently, the project has raised a significant portion of the funds, and contributions can be made through the White Pigeon Library Outreach Fund. Every donation is a step closer to turning the vision of the Bookmobile into a reality, ensuring that the community's future is enriched with equitable access to knowledge and resources.


Give to the Fund for White Pigeon

The Fund for White Pigeon allows us to invest in our community in a flexible and impactful way. When individuals and organizations contribute to this fund, they are not just giving money; they are providing a versatile resource that can quickly adapt to meet the unforeseen and critical needs of the White Pigeon community as they arise. The true beauty of the Fund for White Pigeon lies in its ability to channel generosity into a wide array of initiatives, from immediate relief to long-term projects, ensuring that every donation has the most significant possible impact. When you are making your giving decisions this year, embracing the opportunity to give to the Fund for White Pigeon can be a meaningful way to effect positive change and leave a lasting legacy that resonates through the lives it touches.


The Sturgis Area Community Foundation is a $30M foundation committed to serving the charitable needs of our community and enriching the quality of life for all people in the Sturgis area. Through philanthropic services, strategic investments, and community leadership, the Sturgis Area Community Foundation helps people support the causes they care about now and for generations.

For more information on grants or donor services, email

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