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New Micro-Grants Available Fall 2022

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

SACF Micro-Grants are perfect for smaller organizations that seek programming or project support. These opportunities are presented for consideration to donors with funds at the Sturgis Area Community Foundation. Micro-Grants may be funded at any time throughout the year based on the giving interests of the fund holder. Historically, our donors support requests for initiatives that directly benefit residents of the Sturgis area and surrounding communities in St. Joseph County, Mich.

Basic Eligibility:

There are some specific eligibility rules to keep in mind before you consider applying.

  • The Foundation will only make grants to federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations, government entities, school districts, and universities.

  • While grants to religious organizations are considered, sectarian religious programs are not eligible.

  • We do not make grants to individuals or grants to cover deficits or other previously incurred obligations.

  • We will only grant to entities that have submitted all final reports that are due to the Foundation on previous grants they have received from us.

  • Grants must serve residents of the Sturgis community or surrounding area.

All submissions are subject to the process, procedures, and rules of the Sturgis Area Community Foundation. Additional information may be requested for clarification upon review by the Grant Review Committee.

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