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YAC Fall 2023 Grant Recipients!

The Sturgis and Constantine Youth Advisory Council (YAC) program provides a valuable opportunity for Sturgis and Constantine High School students to grow and develop as leaders within their community. By actively participating in the Community Foundation's work, YAC members gain firsthand experience in making grant recommendations that directly address the needs of local youth and teens. Recently, the Sturgis and Constantine YAC met to discuss grant applications during their fall grant cycle. Through careful deliberation among council members, recipients were selected to receive funding. This process not only empowers the YAC members to make a positive impact on their community but also Strengthens their leadership skills and commitment to serving the needs of their peers.

Sturgis YAC Recipients

Rooted of St. Joseph County

Rooted Safe House

When a child is removed from unsafe situations such as abusive or neglectful homes, it is unfortunate that they often do not have immediate and adequate long-term placement. Becoming a ward of the state can result in days or even weeks passing before a suitable long-term placement is found. During this transitional period, children may experience further trauma and stress as they bounce from one family to another. This compounds the already traumatic experience of being removed from their home. This is where Rooted of St. Joseph County steps in to provide valuable services that supply children with the basic necessities they require. Through their new project, The Safe House Project, Rooted aims to build a home that offers a safe space for children to clean up, be fed, and play during this period of transition. The goal is to create a comfortable and calm environment for the children, while also providing a workspace for agency workers to carry out placement tasks. Grant funds from the Sturgis YAC will directly contribute to making this project a reality. If you are interested in supporting Rooted of St. Joseph County and their Safe House campaign, please visit their website to learn more. Safe House – Rooted of St. Joseph County, Inc. (

Sturgis Public Schools

English 10 College Visit

Visiting college campuses is a crucial experience for high school students as it ignites their ambitions, aids in informed decision-making, and boosts their confidence in pursuing higher education. College can often seem intimidating and unfamiliar to high schoolers, and providing them with the opportunity to visit campuses before they have to apply can help alleviate these fears and make the idea of attending college more appealing. At Sturgis High School, all students in English 10 will have the opportunity to visit Trine University. Thanks to grant funding, this trip will be made possible, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of the university, explore the campus through a guided tour, and learn about the various programs and opportunities the school offers.

Constantine YAC Recipients

Constantine Middle School

Journalism & Broadcasting Technology

The Journalism class at Constantine Middle School offers students an engaging elective opportunity to develop their skills in media production. With the use of iPads and iMovie, students create a daily news program that is showcased to the entire school. This class enables students to take on various responsibilities, including writing the copy, filming segments, and editing the final film. By funding this project, the class will receive two new iPads and software that will greatly contribute to the students' technological, creative, and critical thinking skills.

Constantine Middle School

8th Grade Holiday Visit and Trip

All 8th-grade students from Constantine Middle School are excited to embark on a holiday trip this year! The trip will begin with a visit to the Three Rivers nursing home, where students will have the opportunity to spread joy by sharing Christmas cards and singing carols for the residents. Following this, the students will continue their journey to Grand Rapids, where they will explore the Frederik Meijer Gardens Christmas and Holiday Exhibit. The support received for this trip will contribute to covering the costs associated with allowing the students to immerse themselves in the winter plantings, the artistic display of numerous Christmas trees, and the cultural exhibits presented at Frederik Meijer Garden.

Constantine Middle School

Scanmarker Reader Pens

Scanmarker Reader Pens offers an innovative solution to support students with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia. These pens function by scanning a sentence, capturing an image of the text, and then reading aloud or translating the text for the reader. This technology not only assists the students in overcoming reading challenges but also promotes independence and confidence during class time. By supporting Constantine Middle School with the funds for Scanmarker Reader Pens, the school is taking a proactive approach to ensure that all students have equal access to education materials and opportunities.


The Sturgis Area Community Foundation is a $30M foundation committed to serving the charitable needs of our community and enriching the quality of life for all people in the Sturgis area. Through philanthropic services, strategic investments, and community leadership, the Sturgis Area Community Foundation helps people support the causes they care about now and for generations.

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